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What to look at when choosing a slurry pump

Shanghai Guomei Pump Co.,ltd is professional pump manufacturer in China, today our engineer want to introduce how to choose a slurry pump
One of the key elements in  slurry pumping  is the size and nature of the solids being transported by the water and the nature of the abrasive wear it causes. As wear is a function of velocity, the pumps usually operate at 1200 rpm or slower.
The slurry pump used in slurry handling are basically conventional water pumps modified in a variety of ways to handle the particular solids. While some of these modifications are minimal, some of them are quite extensive. The difference depends on the size and nature of the solids being handled.
 materials of construction are  include metal liners and/or wear plates with Ni-Hard) and heat-treated high chrome iron, usually A05, sometimes, A49 for high corrosive liquid, Natural rubber and other elastomers are also frequently used as a liner for abrasive services as long as they are chemically compatible with the slurry.
In addition to centrifugal designs, there are also vertical ,submersible pump can meet the demand, we will introduce it in the following articles


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