Construction of diesel power plants in Zambia halted

The Zambian government has halted the construction of the four temporary heavy-duty oil power generation plants that are being specifically to provide emergency power for the country due to financial constraints.

This was said by the Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary Emeldah Chola during an interview yesterday.

Brigadier General Chola said the construction of the power project had had been put on hold because the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) had not been signed due to financial short comings.

She added that the Government had, however, completed the process of procurement for the construction of four diesel power plants of 50 megawatts each. Two of the four power projects will be in Lusaka while the remaining two will be set up in locations yet to be identified.

“The procurement process for the establishment of the four temporary diesel power plants, two in Lusaka and others in places to be identified, has been concluded.

“However, we are unable to continue with the project because the PPA has not been signed due to financial constraints,” she said.

Brig Gen Chola said that the process would continue later once the government has secured financing for the project.

At the start of this year, the Government ran an advert and invited bidders for the setting up of four diesel power generation plants that would offer emergency power for the country for a period of one year.

The motive behind the setting up of the temporary diesel plants was to help the country continue with the production of goods and services during the seasonal power shortages.

Zambia is currently undergoing load-shedding as due to low water levels in the Kariba Dam which is the country’s main power production plant.

Currently, only Ndola Energy is generating power using heavy fuel oils.