East Rand Mall in South Africa revamped

East Rand Mall in South Africa revamped

The East Rand Mall, in South Africa situated at the heart of Boksburg, has concluded a revamping process that has greatly increased the centre’s offering to its pool of clients and customers. As a result of its new look, the mall’s new value is estimated to be R2.4bn on the property market. The centre is located in an established, well-known and well-settled area that has diverse and convenient products and services and is highly accessible at the heart of the East Rand.

Speaking about the re-launching and revamping of the mall, Petra Foord, the East Rand Mall’s GM, said that the centre is targeting more shoppers from the region and, in turn, remain the proffered choice of destination in the East Rand.

Elaborating on why the centre needed a revamp, Foord said that the mall needed a facelift and a get modern look, which would give it more energy and more competitive edge in a consumer market that is day by day getting younger and more vibrant.

One of the most outstanding aspect of the revamp, which will have a great impact and effect on the surrounding community, is that there will be no more need for people to move far because everything they require will be located at their doorsteps. With this key revelation, Foord said that the mall will experience consistent growth in both foot fall and trading density.

“Our plan is to stay relevant in our times by offering what is needed with the best service and safety in place. Our offerings will stay current with the times and needs, and we look always to have a CSI community support initiative tied into our daily activities,” she added.

In conclusion, Foord added that the current leadership at the East Rand Mall is aware of the digital trend and is warming up to move forward with numerous digital offerings. He said they soon plan to roll out brand ambassador programs to enable shoppers to book the personalized items of an ambassador to with shopping needs.