DR Congo calls for a Link on Uganda and Tanzania oil Pipeline

DR Congo calls for a Link on Uganda-Tanzania oil Pipeline

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) now called upon involvement in the upcoming Uganda and Tanzania oil Pipeline that will be constructed to specifically transport Crude Oil from Uganda’s Kabale to Tanzania’s Tanga Port.

According to the countries Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof Sospeter Muhongo they are keenly looking into investing into the project.

Speaking during a one-day meeting of ministerial Permanent Secretaries and Regional Commissioners from regions the minister said that Congo now wants to discuss with the involved parties so that they can get a green light be connected to Uganda and Tanzania oil Pipeline.

Prof Muhongo added that if they succeed the involvement they will be able to curb the current oil shortage in DRC.

“More countries are looking to be involved in the Uganda-Tanzania Oil Pipeline deal including Burundi and with that we decided to chip in so that we can get a share on the same” he added

He said the pipeline would also be used to transport oil from South Sudan. “The Uganda and Tanzania oil Pipeline would be useful in the course of transporting oil from Lake Tanganyika if the search for oil in the lake is successful,” he said.

The minster though said the only challenge they are having currently is identifying government land that will accommodate the pipeline as most of the land that belongs to the government have been invaded by residents.

He called upon those currently using the land they have already identified to move as they will be given a short notice once they agree with other partners to get a share of the pipeline.

“Those who have structures along the identified land for the pipeline should start moving as they will lose their money if they don’t move on time” he added

He said research satellites would be used to establish those who would have invaded the construction lane land ahead of August, last year.