How to avoid being ripped off by a Construction Manager for your office fitout

How to avoid being ripped off by a Construction Manager for your office fitout

Office fitout has become a major business for many contractors and more so for office owners across Africa.

There are many types of firms in Africa that fully provide top construction management services though each company’s terms and conditions differs in terms of scale, level of service, credentials and approach. It is important to select a firm that address’s the unique demands of your own office fitout project. Make sure you choose someone you can trust to avoid ending up in a fight, which costs your company money.

4things that you should consider:

1. Cultural fit
Your brand matters in your business and therefore once you are looking into carrying out a major office outfit you need to ensure that the firms you employ are on the same page as you in terms of budget: construction time line and more importantly, business values.

2. Project Credentials
Nowadays we have fake pocket companies and therefore before landing on which company to work with ensure that you are dealing with a firm that has a track record in delivering your type of project in terms of scale and complexity.

3. Financial security
Ask for a reference from the firms bank manager. A letter from the bank will demonstrate that the firm you are considering have the financial responsibility to deliver your project. If your chosen firm goes bust on you: then you may end up with a big mess to sort out.

4. Relationship with designer
Once you start looking for the best designer ensure that the one you give the job understands what you need and ensure that before you give him the contract you build a strong working relationship between the Project Designer and the Construction Manager .


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