4 reasons you should invest in construction estimating software

4 reasons you should invest in construction estimating software
4 reasons you should invest in construction estimating software

By Eric Mongare

Many firms currently in Africa have started to heavily invest in the Construction estimating software, or software designed to forecast costs on a specific project, seems like something every construction company would want—it’s made to save construction companies money and time while increasing the bidding process’s accuracy.

But the reality is that construction estimating software can provide so much more than its surface-level features. Why? Check out these five largely unknown reasons that construction estimating software is worth the investment.

1. Construction estimating software thinks lean
When you think it’s hard to give an approximation on what a project will cost and how much profit you will make therefore this is the best decision to make.

For example, COMSS has a construction estimating software option that strips away all features or functions that are “not essential to the success of the business and as a result has created streamlined workflows for greater efficiency and effectiveness.”

And that tends to be the trend—construction estimating software is simple to learn and exercise, making implementation easy for any-sized firm.

2. Forget the hassle of materials estimating
So much of the estimating process relies on subcontractors—construction firms are constantly trying to figure out how much do they charge for labor and materials. Thankfully, construction estimating software rids the industry of disparate spreadsheets and time-consuming cost-estimates.

For example, Plexxis Software specializes in streamlining common construction materials for subcontractors and contractors alike. Users can track their materials by manufacturer item code so there isn’t any confusion on the price or quality. This process makes it easy for subcontractors to figure out the exact quantities they need—eliminating waste and duplicated estimation work.

3. Add extra value to your estimates
With the construction estimating software your firm will be able to add value to your construction estimations and hence this will make your firm more attractive to the clinets.
The best example is that with the software the contractors can use construction estimating software to point to areas that would add long-term value to the home instead of short-term and costly renovations.

4. Save money. A lot of it
According to Capterra’s own research, construction estimating software comes with quite a range of features. While some might choose construction management software with estimating as a feature, others might want to hone in on a software option that exclusively does estimates and bidding.