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American singer Akon Launches Light to Learn initiative in Liberia

American singer Akon has launched the Light to learn initiative focused on enhancing sustainable education and energy in Africa.

“The shortage of sustainable energy and the pitiable state of education in Africa affects everyone but with this fresh initiative we plan to assist in solving that problem,” said Akon  during a press conference in Monrovia.

Light to Learn will convey use of clean and reasonably priced solar power that will in return make schools implement modern technology that will support students and teachers.

He said that he believes that the use of affordable solar power in schools allow both teachers and students easy access to digital libraries which contain lots of books.

The singer further added that as part of his commitment to the project, Solektra International will be the one contributing the entire solar energy required for the initiative.

“Africa’s future depends on the young generation, but without good quality education, which is the center for progress, the future will not flourish,” Akon said.

He explained that it is impossible for a nation to have a quality educational system with no reliable energy supply, adding, “this is the purpose Akon Lighting Africa is working with Bridge International Academies to seal the gap.”

“Every kid deserves a bright future and a conducive learning atmosphere; ‘Light to Learn’ is here to ensure that happens. And it is our prayer to keep on operating in Liberia even after the pilot phase,” Akon said.

Light to Learn is an innovative movement formed by Bridge International Academies. Together with ‘Akon Lighting Africa,’ it aims to draw awareness and tackle the energy and education predicament in Africa through ground-breaking solutions and powering communities around Bridge Schools.

In a short remark, Shannon May, co-founder of Bridge International Academies, said ‘Light to Learn’ will aid in resolving Liberia’s energy and educational problems by bringing solar energy and creating decent learning environments.


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