Elematic SEMI Floor for precast floor production

Elematic SEMI Floor for precast floor production
Elematic SEMI Floor for precast floor production

Start precast floor production without large investments

Precast is a smart, industrialized way to build high-quality buildings of any type in a safe and affordable manner. Factory-made precast ensures shorter construction times, high profitability and consistently high quality.

The new Elematic SEMI Floor production line is an excellent choice for anyone considering starting in the precast business. The SEMI Floor line is well suited for the production of hollow core slabs, but it can be also used for producing several other slab types such as ribbed/half slabs, solid slabs and piles.

It is a sophisticated, mechanized production line with modern advanced machinery for key functions–and it can be started without heavy setup and launch costs.

Precast can be used as the sole building material or it can form part of a composite structure. Compared to cast-in-situ, precast uses less of everything – less cement, less water and less steel –and produces less waste on-site and in the factory.

It is also an energy-saving building method that incorporates good insulation and thermal properties and has lower lifetime costs than any other building solution. Altogether, this makes precast an excellent choice.

The Elematic SEMI Floor production line is designed to meet the needs of a quick-and-easy start-up in precast floor production. Thanks to innovations in machinery design and fully mechanized operations, the line offers excellent productivity in its class and is simple to operate and maintain.

Smart machinery innovations also keep costs down – the required initial investment is approximately 20% less compared to a similar line with conventional solutions.

Key equipment in the production line includes the Extruder S5, the Sawpreparer S5 and the Bed S5, all of which take advantage of fresh new features that result in excellent slab quality and increase factory productivity.

The Extruder S5 employs the original Elematic shear compaction technology that creates top quality end products and brings production costs down by minimizing the use of concrete. It is an extruder that features everything needed for efficient compaction with no superfluous extras, making it a budget-friendly choice.

The Sawpreparer S5is a unique innovation, a combination of three processes: sawing, cleaning and strand pulling. Compared to a conventional separate saw and preparer system, the Sawpreparer S5 cuts the number of lifts in half.

The machine is also incredibly convenient to use: its features include an advanced graphic user interface, a camera system for excellent situational awareness and improved safety, a 4WD for fast cleaning and strand pulling, and fully electronic operation, meaning decreased need for maintenance and higher reliability.

The Bed S5 adds even more practical features to the SEMI Floor line, including a high-quality even surface and a rigid steel structure, which guarantee the straightness and evenness of slabs.

As with all Elematic production lines, the SEMI Floor is also designed to generate the lowest possible operational costs and the best end products. All machinery in the production line meets the strict requirements of the EC Machinery Directive, and the Extruder is also a low-noise machine (< 85 dB). The line can be –and almost always is – custom-built to suit the particular needs of each specific factory.


SEMI Floor production line in brief

Theoretical capacity        144-576 m2 / day (one casting)

Personnel           9

Production area                3,000 m2

Land area            4,500 m2

No. of beds        1-4

Max. slab height               320 mm

All figures are estimates.

For more information, please contact:

Nina Lehtonen

Marketing Manager, Elematic Oyj



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