Substandard Mineral Water Companies in Liberia Risk Closure

Substandard Mineral Water Companies in Liberia Risk Closure
Substandard Mineral Water Companies in Liberia Risk Closure

National Mineral Water Association of Liberia (NMWCL) former chairman, Hamilton Saye Zeepy, has appealed for the speedy shut down of substandard mineral water companies that are operating in the country.

According to Zeepy, a big percentage of the mineral water companies in the country are not up to standards and as such put the lives of many people to risk. While addressing the media in Monrovia, Zeepy noted that the situation has the ability to cause another health outbreak like the Ebola crisis that led to loss of many lives and left many homeless.

He said that people are running mushroom companies and he appealed to the government to develop policies to address these issues in the mineral water industry.

Zeepy, who is also owns Mama Liberia Mineral Company, said although it is true that water is life water vendors and actors must take it very seriously by improving on their facilities in ensuring that citizens’ health and lives are well protected.

“What is entering your stomach needs to be good in order for you to live a healthy and better life, it is against this backdrop that we are calling on the Liberian government to shut down those people who are operating in one small little room they call a company”, he stated.

He further revealed that his resignation was as a result of the government’s failure to implement or craft policies and laws to enable those operators to act accordingly.

Zeepy blames the overcrowdings of the water industry to the lack of clear policy implementation by the government, saying, “When you are operating a company there should be something to serve as a pathway that you can work with. You should have those needed materials that will enable you to operate effectively considering the land space and environment.”


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