Top Five simple ways to easily Market Your Construction Company

Top Five simple ways to easily Market Your Construction Company
Top Five simple ways to easily Market Your Construction Company

Marketing your construction company can seem like a daunting task. At the end of the day, there is no more powerful marketing tool than word-of-mouth, and most of these five tactics are just tips to make your company buzz around the neighborhood. Try one or all of these five ideas to get your phone ringing.

1. Picture frames
This is one of the modern way of marketing your company and as you find you first customer you need to do him a picture frame with your company’s name and contact information on the back.

No doubt this will live along lasting reminder to the great work that you were able to do for the client.

2. Truck magnets
Make refrigerator magnets with your company name and information and stick them to the back of your truck. Include a sign inviting people to take them. Your company will be on your potential customer’s fridge until they’re ready for your services!

3. Offer a free “Green Audit” with every estimate
Bring a “Green Box” with you to every estimate you give. Fill the box with a few basic energy saving tips and information about sustainability websites like This will leave a lasting impression on your potential clients and set you aside from the competition.

4. Create a referral rewards program
Be creative enough and always promise to award those compnies that will refer other companies to your business.
For every dollar they refer you offer 2 percent in gift certificates to a local store of their choice or a 3 percent rebate towards their next job.

5. Dinner and cocktails
This is one of the modern way to bring together your clients and prospects to network and familiarize yourselves with one another.
This will have a long term impact to the clients and to your company and you will frequently get a return business.