Wirtgen SA launches new cutting tools to SA market

Wirtgen SA launches new cutting tools to SA market

Wirtgen SA, local subsidiary of the Wirtgen Group, global leader in mobile machine solutions for road construction and rehabilitation, as well as mining and mineral processing, recently launched two new cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilisers to the South African market.

In cold recycling and soil stabilising, choosing the right cutting tools alongside primary machinery has a significant impact on both the quality and cost efficiency of the application.

No two cutting bases are the same; sometimes debris or large stones make soil stabilising more challenging, or the base substrate for rehabilitation is studded with abrasive materials. This means that not only do the cutting substrates differ significantly, but the forces that act on the milling and mixing rotor can also vary drastically as a result.

In an effort to further enhance its range of cutting technology products and to cater to the demands of particularly tough on-site conditions, the Wirtgen Group has recently developed two new cutting tools, namely the Generation Z and the HT22.

Ian Kukard, Parts Manager at Wirtgen SA, comments, “The Generation Z point-attack cutting tools and the HT22 quick-change toolholder system are a superb and robust combination offering long tool life and offer a host of benefits to the user, including high impact resistant, reduced wear and greater stability.”

The reshaped carbide tip of the Generation Z point attack cutting tools has been further reinforced and the quality of the carbide material has been optimised further. These improvements make the cutting tool more robust and resistant to large blocks of stone and abrasive materials.

The steel base, wear plate and clamping sleeve have also been modified, making the Generation Z components more durable. Cutting tools with shank diameters of either 22mm or 25mm can be used with the Generation Z range, so users can adapt to different requirements with ease and precision.

The HT22 quick-change toolholder system is a new development from the Wirtgen Group. Due to the updated geometrical design of the base and the upper and lower parts of the toolholder as well as the enhanced steel quality, the system components are highly robust, offering the user greater stability. The hammer head of the redesigned base offers additional protection against wear.

“The direct benefit for the user is the extended service life of the cutters and the quick-change toolholder system. This results in fewer tool changes, less downtime on machinery, longer service intervals and increased machine availability, so soil can be stabilised cost effectively regardless of challenging site conditions and even severely damaged road pavements can be recycled efficiently,” says Kukard, concluding, “Wirtgen SA is proud to bring this innovation to the South African market and looks forward to passing on the many benefits that come with Generation Z and HT22 to our South African customers.”