IRMCO Europe Celebrates its 15 Year Anniversary

IRMCO Europe Celebrates its 15 Year Anniversary

IRMCO Europe a leading Lubricant company is proud to have turned 15 years and In the addition to 15 years of continued growth and category leadership in the European market the IRMCO Europe team celebrated the fact that IRMCO has been able to be a market leader.

During their recent annual summit the IRMCO iTool was a top discussion point as it has become a game changer in the industry. The IRMCO iTool is designed to perform stamping-lubricant performance tests based on Dr. Taylan Altan’s cup-draw research at The Ohio State University with EWI.

With IRMCO iTool housed in a 300-ton servo press, stamping companies and material suppliers can test and verify lubricant performance with statistical accuracy.

Other important topics reviewed included new technologies that IRMCO has introduced in lubrication as well as improved application methods. IRMCO products are still the number one products sold in Europe for Tube Bending and continues to grow.

Team members also shared information that they have learned to improve IRMCO’s performance and to continue to be the leader in oil-free lubricants for metal stamping, forming and bending.