What Employer Looks for in Construction Manager

What Employer Looks for in Construction Manager
What Employer Looks for in Construction Manager

Construction management has turned to be one of the top job in the Africa’s construction industry as there more projects coming up and above all there are many ongoing.

Contractors who are now some of the potential employers of construction managers have been undergoing a lot to ensure that they get the best mangers to overlook the project whenever they aren’t around.

Formal education is not required, but is increasingly preferred. Many construction managers start as a plumber or a general contractor, and have used their work experience to move up in the field.

Others got their bachelor’s in architecture, engineering, construction sciences, or a related field and followed up their education with internships

After running the lack of skilled labor in the construction industry Construction review so to get answers on what the employers are looking for in a construction manager and below are just a few to help you get a grasp.

Construction management skills

Once you been tasked to have a look at a project that means you will own the construction project from the beginning to the end, making him or her in charge of ensuring the project is feasible, the designs are all compliant, the project is properly managed, the project remains in budget and in scope, time is managed correctly, contractors do their jobs safely, and the end product is quality.

In sum, the construction manager is the lifeblood of any construction project.
So when applying to construction management jobs, applicants should focus on these five core traits:

• Communication skills
A strong listener and communicator, able to work effectively with others on a team, and function as a representative of the company to stakeholders.

• Document-management skills
Must be able to compose and follow documents through bids, job reports, and proposals, and must be able to understand contract requirements and construction standards.

• Technical skills
Must be able to interpret technical drawings. Software skills and experience a plus (such as a familiarity with rugged smart phones and construction management software).