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Link-Belt launches new telecrawler crane

Crane specialist Link-Belt has launched the highest capacity telecrawler crane currently available in the market – the all-new TCC-2500, a 250t telescopic crawler crane.

According to an announcement by the company, the TCC-2500 is ideally suited to general construction, power transmission, wind farm and power industrial operations and has been designed to be part of crane rental fleets.

“The long-term plan for our telecrawler lineup brought us to this point in time, and the TCC-2500 is well positioned to lead the telecrawlers into a whole new arena of jobsite opportunities,” said Scott Knight, Link-Belt product manager, Lattice and Telescopic Crawler Cranes. “We identified early on that our customers needed a telecrawler with higher capacities and greater reach,” he added.

With its seven-section 13.8m to 67.9m pin-and-latch boom, the TCC-2500 has the longest boom in its class and can be equipped with a three-piece off-settable fly extending to 3.6m, 12.1m or 20.4m, or two 7.62m boom extensions for an overall tip height of 105.46m.

In a boost to the TCC-2500’s jobsite flexibility, these attachments can also be delivered with hydraulic luffing functionality to provide operators with the “up-and-over” capabilities of a large fixed-boom luffing lattice crawler – while retaining the option to retract the boom.


The TCC-2500 offers a great job site flexibility and can lift, reach, and travel like a large fixed boom lattice crawler, while also having the ability to retract the boom and reduce its overall profile as job site conditions and environment require.

According to Mr. Knight, the company’s goal from the beginning has been to supply a simplified design, quick and easy to assemble that it is operator friendly. The long-term plan for the company telecrawler lineup brought Link-Belt to this point in time, and the TCC-2500 is positioned to lead the telecrawlers into a whole new arena of jobsite opportunities.

Another critical feature of the TCC-2500 is its ability to be transported quickly and easily, with a main body transport load of just 48t despite an uncomplicated assembly and dissemble process. A final key feature of the 227t unit is an extra wide winch design that can handle the maximum permissible line pull through the fourth layer so that front and rear winches are matching. The rear auxiliary winch can also be removed for weight reduction during transport.



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