Construction of 7.5 MW Burundi solar park kicks off

Construction of 7.5 MW Burundi solar park kicks off
Construction of 7.5 MW Burundi solar park kicks off

Solar and social development enterprise Gigawatt Global broke ground on a 7.5 MW Burundi solar park that will increase country’s electricity generation aptitude.

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The US $14-million project is being built in the Mubuga district, in one of the world’s least-developed states and is estimated to be connected to the national grid by the fourth quarter of this year.

“This high-impact development outlay, supported by leading international financial institutions, indicates that Burundi is open for development and big business,” said Michael Fichtenberg the company’s finance and business development VP.

This will be the leading private international investment in the power sector in Burundi in almost 30 years, with the national electricity company Regediso buying the power under a 25-year contract.

“We were very thrilled at the groundbreaking of the Gigawatt Burundi solar field. After their accomplishment in Rwanda, Gigawatt Global has demonstrated it can be relied on to distribute efficient, clean renewable-energy at a realistic price, contributing significantly to our economy and our community.

Gigawatt Global, a US-owned Dutch developer, is a founding member of the Power Africa initiative and financed and developed the initial commercial-scale solar field in continental sub-Saharan Africa (outside of South Africa) in neighboring Rwanda in 2014.

The project has been sustained by a grant from the Energy and Environment Partnership and the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries to cover the appropriate studies. The project is also supported by African-European Union Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme and the Renewable Energy Performance Platform, presently engaging in project due diligence.

“Gigawatt Global is estimating to use US $2-billion in renewable-energy projects in Africa as partners of the White House Power Africa initiative in the next years as renewables are taking the lead in power generation in Africa and emerging markets,” said CEO Josef Abramowitz.


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