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Brokk introduces the new Brokk 280

The new BROKK 280 enters the market of the original Brokk machine size segment. Evolved from the successful Brokk 260, the Brokk 280 just gets better, built to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the demolition industry. With 20% increased breaking performance, a new intelligent electrical system and a more robust design, this model is destined to become a huge success. Like its predecessor, it will outperform much heavier excavators. It’s just that the gap has now been increased.

Hydraulic breaker in illustrations SB 302

Load and stability diagram can be ordered from Brokk AB


Slewing speed 18 sec/360°

Transport speed, max. 2,7 km/h; 0,75 m/s; 1.7 mph

Incline angle, max. 30°

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system capacity 90 l; 23.8 US gal

Pump type Variable load-sensing piston pump

System pressure to cylinders,

attatchment and motors, max. 17,0 MPa; 2 466 psi

System pressure, increased to attachment, max 20,0 MPa; 2 901 psi

Pump flow max 50 Hz 100 l/min; 26.5 US gal/min

60 Hz 120 l/min; 31.7 US gal/min

Electric motor

Type ABB

Motor rating* 22 kW

Rated current* 41 A

Power consumption* 0-27 kW

Starting device Soft start/Direct start

Control system

Control type Portable control box

Signal code Digital

Transfer Cable/Radio


Weight of basic machine excl attachment &

extra equipment 3 050 kg; 6 724 lbs

Recommended attachment weight 420 kg; 924 lbs

Noise level

Sound power level Lwa,

measured according to directive 2000/14/EC 93 dB(A)

Outstanding all-around demolition


20% more hitting power maximizes the

power of SB 302

New intelligent electrical system

Outstanding cooling system

Rugged and robust


Impact and heat protection for cylinder C2 and C3

Under carriage

Rubber caterpillar tracks

Steel caterpillar tracks

Heat resistance

Heat resistant hoses for hydraulic breaker

Forced draft cooling of machine

Forced draft cooling of breaker

Steel pads for kiln demoliton or furnance

Other options

Air flushing through breaker to protect from dust

Water spray through breaker to bind dust

Counter weight

Cable reel with 63 m cable

Brokk cover

Extra hydraulic function

Drainage hose

CAN cable connection for tools

Even with the evolving of these machines, the basic idea still remains as to give one the opportunity to work with equipment serving the purpose of safe, efficient, powerful and profitable. This makes Brokk the future for demolition.


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