47th annual NIESV conference to address the current economic issues in Nigeria

47th annual NIESV conference to address the current economic issues in Nigeria

The Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) will be holding its yearly conference from March 28 to April 1, 2017, in Owerri, Imo State.

The conference dubbed “Growing and Diversifying the National Economy: The Real Estate Imperatives” has subthemes such as; Land Based revenue generation opportunities, Integrated Urban-Rural Development, optimizing tourism in real estate through foreign direct

investment (FDI), mobilizing private real estate investments and the one city growth model.
In a statement by the institute’s publicity secretary, Charles Oghenero Ebiai, “the theme is well-timed in view of what is happening in the National economy and its effect on all sectors in Nigeria.

This, he meant was in line with the declining value of oil- the main source of income in Nigeria- in the world market.

He further attributed the slump of economic activities in the nation today to over dependence on oil, stating that the upcoming conference seems to offer a way out of the current situation.

Mr. Ebiai then called upon professionals and government organization to attend and discover other alternative sources of revenue generation.

This is due to the fact that no profession has not been affected, sighting that prices of property have been cascading downward with prospective clients not showing interest because the times are biting hard.

Some of the conference activities include but are not limited to: provision of a forum for interaction amongst members nationwide. There will also be an exchange ideas for the purpose of improvement of technical knowledge transfer as well as the facilitation of professional development among the members.

The conference will also promote the general interest of the profession, and expand its contribution to the society in terms of service, research and education in the area of real estate.

Lastly, it will deal with familiarizing the government and the public with the peculiar roles of the Estate Surveyors and Valuers in the economic development of Nigeria.