5 tips on how to lengthen your construction machine life span

machine life span

Machines are a great investment ,whether you are buying brand new or used construction machine, making sure you are getting the most out of each piece is the next critical step. Even though many companies may want to go ahead and use all machine right away, careful considerations is required to make certain you are taking total benefit of all equipment items. This article summarizes the steps you must take to guarantee that your company is using machine advantageously and competently. Through these five tips, find ways to proactively to lengthen the life of your construction equipment and machinery.

Uphold a good relationship with suppliers

The dealer who sold you your machine isn’t just a sales person; he or she is an asset of information about your new investment. If questions crop up about the operation, maintenance, or anything else concerning the care of your machine, a good rapport with your supplier means you will always have someone well-informed to call for an answer. Likewise, if you stumble upon any problems with your machinery, that supplier can most likely help you troubleshoot and get you back on the job site. in due course, your supplier is an extremely precious resource when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of how your machine  works. Creating an ongoing relationship will only augur well in the future, if you need to buy other pieces going forward.

Properly train employees 

First-rate employee training can make a vast difference in lengthening the life of your equipment. When operators aren’t 100% certain about how to use the different controls, the prospective for needless wear and tear – or even worse, machine damage — is considerably higher. By putting your employees through a training program or providing one-on-one instruction, you form well-versed team members who will utilize your machines correctly. Occasional training revisions are also a fine idea to keep your employees knowledgeable on measures and keep your machine running efficiently.

Store equipment correctly 

Construction equipment are planned to endure all sorts of harsh conditions, it’s not intended to be left out in jobsites, or exposed for extremely long periods of time. Making an effort to keep your machinery in a suitable storage facility will go a long way in averting the likelihood of damages. Temperature-related hassles are often preventable if equipment is stored correctly. Even though the conditions may state that equipment is to be left out over a short period, try your best to avoid this. Furthermore, if a piece of equipment, machinery or vehicle has done its job on a project, make it a precedence to store it away in case of any erratic accidents that may occur on a busy jobsite. likewise, cleaning equipment frequently, particularly before prolonged periods of storage, will help to keep it in good working condition .

Regular Maintenance

All machinery needs standard preventative maintenance to function well. Check with your  supplier to get your precise equipment’s maintenance timetable, and then carry out that maintenance in full every time it is due. Standard maintenance frequently includes oil analysis and changing, cleaning residues, and restoring worn out components. It is easy to forget about this or extend it until later, but keeping your equipment well maintained is necessary. By not being diligent and leaving equipment maintenance past due, you may experience permanent damage which can cut down its life cycle.

Employ equipment management software 

You may keep scrupulous records, but even the most detail-oriented person can’t battle with good equipment management software. A good program will keep tabs on things like operating costs, hours of use, maintenance records, return on investment, deprecation and more. Many equipment management systems work on mobile phones, laptops and tablets, making it simpler to access vital data from wherever and at any time. If you are inexperienced with equipment management software, many developers provide free trials, so be certain to test out a few alternatives before settling on the package that go well with your needs the best.

Like any big investment, you want your construction equipment to last a long time and is an essential component to your business. Without reliable and well-maintained machine, you run the risk of delaying the progress of existing jobs, and hurt your chances of securing more projects.


Country/ Features Editor, Kenya