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Qualities of a good potential construction project manager

Hiring a construction project manager is  a significant responsibility so as to make your project become successful. You need someone who appreciates your vision for the project and has the tools and know-how required to implement it.

Education and on-the-job familiarity plays a huge part in hiring a construction project manager, don’t get blindsided by somebody that appears good on paper but lacks the makings of a great construction project manager.

Here are some of the most important qualities to look for in a construction project manager.

Strong communication skills

In order to lead teams competently and to communicate well with upper management, your construction project manager must make evident fluid, effective communication.

In your panel, include cross-examiners from multiple positions in your company. A good rule of thumb is at least three tiers of personnel. For instance a company president, an excellent construction project manager finishing a similar task, and a bright worker who will work under the prospective manager.

Obtained an associated Bachelor’s Degree

An effective construction project manager will have graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in fields like Construction Management, Engineering, Construction Science or Architecture.

For a large project, formal study in the field should be a requirement for getting the occupation, as a degree guarantees that your construction project manager has a comprehensive range of fundamentals knowledge that field experience may not essentially deliver. If your candidate has 15+ years of experience working on alike projects with different companies, you can perhaps overlook a lack of formal education as they have previously established their knowledge and skill-base in the field.

Possesses 3+ years of on-the-job experience overseeing similar projects

It may be appealing to appoint internally, like promoting that manager armed with a new degree, shines in their present station, and exemplifies all of the companies’ principles and ideologies. This may be a good hire in a small construction project,

Nevertheless, in a large construction project, you have more room for mistake if you hire this way. As an alternative, look for the candidate with at least three years’ of experience on a related project. If he or she has only supervised one large project, probe into whether the project was finished in a well-timed and economical manner.

Has experience with tasking and budgeting software solutions

In the end, your construction project manager is the person you trust to bring your construction work to conclusion under achievable timeframes and within set out resources. These are the precise capacities you want your new construction project manager to emphasis on.

A competent and resourceful construction project manager will know how to utilize construction software management tools to keep tabs on the present state of the project, as well as forthcoming projections.

Fits in with the company

The residual quality that you should keep in mind when hiring is company fit. Look for applicants that have a comparable disposition to your most trusted insiders. Someone that represents the ‘feel’ of your company is more probable to attain success and may be useful for other projects that come up.

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


  1. I really like what you said about how a good project manager is in charge of aiding by the agreed upon timeframe and sorting out the necessary resources for the project. Avoiding delays in a construction project will definitely help keep the costs down for clients. In addition to this, I think a good construction manager will be able to source out quality-tested materials for the site to ensure the solid integrity of the building.


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