6 Technological Advancements -construction management

6 Technological Advancements -construction management

In case you are keen, you will agree and support the fact that new technologies are constantly changing the present construction landscape.

The introduction of drones for instance has now made it possible to practically survey maps with a lot of ease and at a low cost. The presence of smartphones and tablets have all made communication on the go a breeze and as you may already be aware that is extremely vital to see through a construction project.

As if all that is not enough digital blueprint applications and other software’s have all made it possible to map out projects way ahead of time. As a matter of fact, the use of robots too seems to be on the horizon as well.

From the above, it is clearly evident that various technologies have helped push the construction industry forward.

Just so you know, what was once deemed to be the slowest growing sectors has today turned into one of the fastest growing industries. Interesting thing is, in spite of all of the above, new technologies help it advance and grow.

In a bid to help you understand all of the above even more, below is an overview of how a few technologies have so far impacted the shape of modern construction sites.

Cloud Computing

Embracing cloud computing in the construction sector has helped:

Speed deployments to the site. You will be glad to learn that with cloud computing, it becomes extremely easy to get the construction management software up and running regardless of where the site is situated. As a result, all of this make setting up infrastructure and other hardware required easy.

Allow for the easing setting up of hardware components and their subsequent maintenance.
Significantly reduce operating expenses owing to the decreased demand for staff
Make readily available professional and software expertise on tap

Gantt Chart

It has been pointed out as one of the easiest ways to manage any project since it serves as a guarantee to make sure that everything go on as initially planned. More specifically, the chart helps make sure that individual activities which make up part of the project are completed in the right sequence to see the project through to its logical conclusion.

Some of the key merits of using the grant chart include helping a general audience understand the phases as well as details of the activities involved in any project, highlighting critical goals of the ongoing project, allowing for regular updating of the chart helps in maintaining the construction schedule which rules out the possibility of ever falling back on any project etc.

Daily Logs

They help keep track of the progress in construction works. More specifically, they help make sure that upon completion of each and every phase of the construction works the set deadlines are met while also allowing for planning moving into on.Templates

Any construction project usually comprises of several unseen complexities prior to kicking off the actual project. Coming up with templates and proceeding to carefully go through them will help make you familiar with crucial aspects of the construction hence allowing for customization besides increasing your capacity to see through the project without any problems.

Linked Dependencies

Just so you are aware, never has all the key aspects of any project been within the direct control of the client. In case you are keen you may have already noticed that each and every project usually depends to a certain extent on third parties. It is also vital to note that third parties usually are different from stake holders in the sense that they have no interest in the project or have the ability to influence decisions.


One of the latest and biggest developments in construction project management has been the integration of mobile technology. Mobile technology has since its employment in the construction process proven to help get rid of bottle necks in three key phases of the construction process.