5 Ways to motivate your construction workers

5 Ways to motivate your construction workers

Plenty of studies of the construction industry have come to the conclusion that motivation of construction workers significantly influences productivity, such that a high level of motivation results in a higher level of productivity.

What many managers fail to realize, however, is the fact that lack of motivation should not be the employees’ fault, but the employer’s. It is the management’s onus to ensure that the employees are motivated in their work, as well as the variance in the same. That is, what may work for one electrician may not exactly work for a plumber.

There are some methods that can be adopted with a view to increase employee motivation;
Show them that you have a good attitude. If employees see that you have a good attitude, some of that may rub off on them. Hard work with a bad attitude does not really count, and more or less has both long and short-time negative consequences.

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Recognize employees’ good work. Unfortunately most employees don’t receive recognition and those who do don’t receive enough of it. Nothing good comes of this. Furthermore, most employers have noticed that people will work harder for recognition than they will for money.

Challenge your employees to improve. This can be achieved by giving employees increasingly more difficult jobs. However, this should also be done in moderation as much as it is meant to challenge the employee.

Provide clear expectations. You to let your employees know exactly what you want them to do and the results you want them to achieve. This not only makes them more productive as you will have given specific goals and a time frame, but also improves on work efficiency.
Explain the big picture. Not only do employees need to understand the big picture, but they have to feel that they are playing a significant role in it. An assigned task has an end goal; and the assignee needs to be privy to it.