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How to counter the effects of ambient temperature on gas turbine output

There are technologies that can be applied to a gas turbine in order minimize the effects of ambient temperature on its output. These technologies can be applied to new builds as well as being retrofitted. Not only the desired cooling needs to be provided cost-effectively, the technology needs to be flexible and without adverse downstream effects such as pressure loss or corrosion.

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Get it right – first time

Get it right and you can ignore the temperature rise. Get it right and you can increase power output eliminating the need to invest in new or additional gas turbine power generation. Get it right and you can ensure your gas turbines always operate effectively under optimal operating conditions, so they do not work so hard, potentially extending their service life and minimizing maintenance. Get it right and you will also save cost on filter replacement and reduced blade erosion.

Which technology is right for you?

When you are looking to pre-cool the air to your gas turbines, you can do so using structured media, fogging technologies or chillers. Each has its advantages but these are not the same from plant to plant, or from country to country. The one common factor is the effect that pre-cooling will have on your bottom line.

The benefits of pre-cooling for gas turbines

  • Ensure turbines operate efficiently whatever the climate
  • Predictable power output at all times
  • Higher output of existing installation
  • Run your turbines with optimal efficiency
  • Easy retrofit and installation
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency

According to Ms Claudia Proeger, the Marketing and Communications Manager at Sulzer in Switzerland, the emerging trends with regards to gas turbines power generation indicate that services will become more important in the future as cost savings will sometimes prevent the investment into new gas turbines. “So, the ‘old’ gas turbine will have to be refurbished and upgraded to enhance efficiency and reliability.” she adds.


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