I want to boost my Plant hire, tool equipment business – but how

I want to boost my Plant hire, tool equipment business – but how

Previously, there were only a few ways to get your plant hired out or sold. Paper based advertisements, family members, friends even notice display boards at the local supermarket was used – I kid you not.

As well as company representatives (Obviously) Getting plant hired out or sold is one of the most challenging occupations there is.

The investment you have to make to get noticed in the industry is amazingly not very cheap and you need to continuously do so. And many “institutions” has coined in on this with great effect.

Many of these pathways mentioned up here, has caused many drawbacks and caused that you only reached, a certain procurement group. Willing to hire in your services. Hence your main focus of business operations are undertaken predominantly in a focussed are of 50 km`s or if you are of the fortunate few 150 to 200 km. Maybe even further?

The internet then brought forward share buttons, many of you have incorporated this function rightly so.

We know we noticed many of these incorporated in June 2017. This kind of boosted your reach to an effect and you had to make careful logistical calculations towards your reach. You wanted to expand your reach even more and some invested into SEO optimisation for their websites.

This kind of helped, and the investment each month as you know is roughly at R10,000.00 per month. Speak to your marketing manner it’s in his budget! Believe or not.

The problems and drawbacks is Money. Cold hard earned cash. And some of this cash as you know can be invested a bit more wisely. Don’t get me wrong, a website is cool and provides you’re company with a valuable online presence. But have you ever thought about the following.

How can I expand my reach at a more cost effective manner?

Honestly, you should not think local when you review iSearchplant.co.za, the platform in itself is great for the following: have you ever considered how much easier it will be for a procurement agent or engineer to source from such a platform and plan for the project that is to be undertaken by their firm?

Your firm, might be in Capetown and they may require your services in Sprinkbok. And if you’re listed on the Platform they are going to find you faster and sure enough you will get the Project they planned in Sprinkbok.

This will create an added benefit to you (obviously if you were stationed in Springbok) or you may have also have a depot in Thabazimbi and bang you’re sourced again. My point is this, “they” the Procurement officers and engineers also look into Costs when they plan their Projects.

They look who is available, what are the credentials of the company and from there they source the company based on what they see they believe to be true and make a decision based on that. The platform gives them this all in one Package.

When you are registered, on the iSearchplant.co.za platform you enjoy the following benefits.

You get access to a ridiculous hosting price per month (A tank diesel so to speak) if you are in the plant hire industry. You will know the price of diesel offhand. With iSearchplant.co.za you are sure to get calls coming in to your offices thus enabling you to save company Diesel and sending Representatives going out and looking for jobs. So you are effectively being sourced from the platform.

How you ask?

Ok I will tell you. The tank of diesel that you fill each month on the iSearchplant.co.za platform allows you to be listed in a directory that enables Engineers and procurement officers to source for you. You are then provided with tools unique towards marketing your business from the platform in a very unique manner.

The platform is also SEO (Search Engine Optimized) just as your website but with a difference it has been trademarked and registered with the department of trade and Industry. (So you’re in good hands the moment you subscribe) The moment you subscribe you can list your entire fleet. And iSearchplant.co.za friendly staff will assist you to list your equipment in a very unique manner.

Great so what does this mean for my business you ask?

Well now your receptionist or safety department (when no projects are running) and even your operators can utilise the platform to market your business online. And I am talking about all the major social media platforms out there. Go crazy (involve all your employees), (Its good for corporate governance and you will see the guys starting to take pride. Even place it in your ISO procedures (it has been done) It’s your choice on how to proceed with implementing it.

Remember this, the private sector also requires your plant and this is how you will lure them in, from the platform with social media. They will call you! And seeing that we here at iSearchplant.co.za are actively marketing (going to mines and firms, meeting with you) there will be the opportunity to receive tenders from the platform as well from big firms that we will share with you. We even may call you for quotes for some of these clients.
We never meddle with hire rates that is between you and the hirer of the equipment.

Ok, sure you might say I have been on many platforms. Mr/Mrs CEO , Director, Marketing executive – to ask you the truth? You show me where you can list with a tank of Diesel a month and enjoy these benefits. Yes we are new. A new brand in the Plant hire industry and why should you not give us a go? We are great, we have integrity and we are tenacious in marketing plant hire (we enjoy it!)

The main reason, you don’t know what your competition might do is to list with us or not. They (your competition) might sign up and start utilising the platform to great effect. Because they saw the potential before you.

Yes technology is ever evolving and so the platform will also evolve and those that does not join up. Well, get ready because you might one day need to sell your plant from the platform as well, seeing that everyone will be using it. Oh and by the way listing your plant on the classified section is half a tank of Diesel. iSearchplant.co.za is the future of plant hire and suppliers in South Africa and we are here to stay!

Being on the iSearchplant.co.za platform JUST make SENSE as well in these tough financial times and you will greatly benefit from it as well as receiving special offers from our Partners. Got more questions?

Just email your queries to info@isearchplant.co.za or, if you don’t want to be left behind just join us and fill your tank diesel at http://www.isearchplant.co.za/login Rather fill up with iSearchplant.co.za and save your expensive Diesel for warming up and carful logistical planning.