Advanced Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Management Masterclass

Discover world-class strategies to ensure successful and cost-effective turnaround operations by attending Salvo’s Advanced Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Management Masterclass! The course will be held on the 6th-8th November, 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Based on the Carcharodon “best of the best” Model of Excellence, delegates will learn strategies that will convert turnarounds from a high-risk nuisance to a blueprint for success. The model builds on Tom Lenahan’s (published author and Carcharodon associate) work, together with inputs from some of the world’s most experienced shutdown specialists.

The international trainer for the course is the Founder and Owner of award-winning British business improvement consultancy, Carcharodon. He has over 30 years of experience leading maintenance best practices across continents as a maintenance manager and consultant.

Takeaways from the Course

The 3-day practical course aims to convert turnarounds from a high-risk nuisance to an opportunity to build and control a successful turnaround. It will provide you with the skill to:

  • Position Turnarounds as part of an overall strategy of improving business performance
  • Build the best Turnaround team possible from available resources
  • Help senior management build effective steering teams
  • Reduce the downtime associated with turnarounds whilst simultaneously improving safety performance
  • Use our Model of Excellence to analyse their own performance, explain key principles to others and build a detailed methodology of their own
  • Maximise the benefits of planning and preparation through our proactive challenge planning process
  • Build a turnaround from the ground up from concept to execution and review

Request for the course brochure now to view the day-to-day training agenda and detailed profile of the trainer. Contact Salvo Global at for enquiries and other concerns.