African countries embracing energy diversity

African countries embracing energy diversity

Kenya, South Africa and Ghana, are countries taking a wide-ranging approach to ensuring energy security. In Africa, there is abundance of energy resources that can be brought online both rapidly and cost-effectively.

The Business Development Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Black & Veatch, Webb Meko, says, blended and balanced energy system, , that also includes traditional energy resources and small-scale systems, will provide adequate power output for major cities and industries, at the same time reaching consumers in very remote areas.

The balanced energy approach will result in; access, a minimized environmental impact and greater affordability.

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In Ghana, thermal energy, hydro-power, biomass, wind and solar are being used together with traditional energy sources, such as oil and gas. Nuclear has been a long-term consideration for Ghana’s power challenges.

In South Africa, the push to incorporate advances in renewable energy, gas, coal and nuclear technologies by the Department of Energy is underway. Kenya on the other hand is continuing solar, wind and geothermal project development.

Kenya is also adding off-grid renewable solutions so as to boost electricity access. The Growth of a gas-fired power generation and base load coal plants are also on the skyline.

According to Meko, Governments are realizing that one technology cannot provide the long term power solution thus there’s need to support economic growth and job skills creation. Getting rid of investment barriers will make African countries more appealing in terms of their projects being properly funded and developed.

Investors are looking for projects that are well delivered and developed by experienced consultants and engineering and construction providers. Globally accepted delivery models, proven project development methods, strong project controls and tighter planning give assurance that projects will be completed in a cost competitive and manner – and also offer solid returns.

This assurance is important especially when owners and investors are dealing with technologies that they may be less familiar with.