Registering with Association of Consulting Engineers of Namibia (ACEN)

The Association of Consulting Engineers of Namibia is a voluntary association which:

Is in the business of offering independent technology based intellectual services in the built, human and natural environment to clients for a fee;

Is managed and have their operating policies determined by people whose professional qualifications and conduct are in keeping with the requirements of the Constitution and the By-laws

Has high professional repute and ethical standards and operate in accordance with the code of Conduct.

The Association was established in 1982 as a voluntary association of the Consulting Engineering firms in Namibia. Membership has grown from a founding group of 6 practices to a current 34 with a total employment as of January 2008 in excess of 380. The Association is the only collective representation for Consulting Engineers in Namibia at this time.

In addition, the Association of Consulting Engineers of Namibia is the only body recognized in Namibia by the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs Conseils (The International Federation of Consulting Engineers, better known as FIDIC) as well as GAMA, the Group of Africa Members Association.

How to become a member

  • Firms wishing to apply for membership should complete the following:
  • The Application for Membership Form (which can be downloaded on their site)
  • The Annual Declaration Form (find on their site)
  • Both sets of forms, signed and completed with the requested additional information, should be submitted to the Executive Officer at the address given under Contact Us on their site.
  • Some specific areas of importance are listed below:
  • All member firms of the appropriate size have, or are in the process of, addressing the affirmative action policies set by the Government
  • Many members provide bursaries to suitable prospective students and assist emerging professionals in skills development
  • All members carry professional indemnity insurance, which provides clients with peace of mind and financial recours.