Ensuring maximum productivity of construction equipment

How to ensure maximum productivity of construction equipment
A JCB excavator is an example of construction equipment

Ensuring maximum productivity of construction equipment is an important aspect for any company dealing with construction. This is because the state of the equipment affect the work done as well as the duration taken to accomplish the task.

Here are some tips to ensure maximum productivity of the CE at the site;

Read and follow the CE manufacturer’s instructions and maintenance tips. It can help you to operate the machine efficiently. You should also ensure that the employee operating the CE has received relevant training for the same to avoid damage to the machines which could cause injuries, delays or even increase costs.

Before starting the day, check the machine thoroughly. Check the machine at the end of the day too to find out any possible damage. Clean the parts that made the most contact with the soil and debris. Make sure that you replace original parts in your CE as otherwise there could be major defaults in the long run.

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Use fuel which is prescribed by the manufacturer and avoid adulterated fuel which can reduce the life and productivity of the equipment. Keep the engine completely shut off while refueling the equipment.

Follow a periodic maintenance schedule, which would have notations on how often each part of the machinery should be inspected for problems, repairs and general maintenance. Through this way, you can ensure proper functioning of the machine and maximum usage for a longer period.

Keep the equipment properly greased and lubricated. Proper greasing of all moving parts of the equipment is also absolutely necessary in order to save them from failing to work and creating excess friction leading to severe wear and tear of the machinery, frequent breakdowns and shorter life span. Lubricate the equipment wisely with the recommended grade of grease.

Pay close attention to wear and tear signs too as they may signal problems that can cause machinery to malfunction more often or result in costly repairs or component replacements before your regular inspection. CE parts are fitted with special seals and filters designed to keep dirt and grime out of sensitive areas. Consequently, broken seals must be repaired immediately, breathers kept clean and all filters inspected regularly and changed when they become dirty or clogged.

Lastly, if possible, keep the equipment housed in a building.