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What Is Mobile/Modular Advanced Oxidation Water Treatment?

Urbanization as well as industrialization has taken a considerable part in growing the scarcity of clean drinking water. The industrial wastes contain hazardous organic wastes and several chemical components like oil and grease along with solid debris that are evacuated with the wastewater from the industries as well as domestic sectors. Wastewater is released into the surface water bodies that pollutes the water and makes it unsuitable for usage!

Mobile/Modular Advanced Oxidation Water Treatment and its operation

Mobile/Modular Advanced Oxidation Water Treatment is a technical process that allows treating water without any involvement of chemical. This inventory process is based on electrolytic cell where the voltage is adapted to the problem that is applied between electrodes that is set in fluid. Voltage would generate electric current appeal to several electrochemical processes which destroys or modifies the unwanted substances present in the electrolyte. If the water consists of chloride then amazing disinfection effects can easily be achieved that would in result form oxichlorides. Oxichloride is regarded as a powerful disinfectant which is required after the treatment of wastewater.

Genesis Water Technologies delivers highly efficient and durable water treatment plants

Genesis Water Technologies designs and manufactures water treatment plants with innovative functions and exclusive results. GWT designs Mobile/Modular Advanced oxidation water treatment plants that transform polluted water to potable form. This advanced oxidation process is a set of oxidative water treatment which is used for treating toxic effluents at hospitals, industrial level as well as wastewater treatment plants. Advanced oxidation water treatment process transforms the organic compounds into biodegradable substances. This water treatment technique is cheap to install but the operating costs may go expensive for the input of chemicals and energy requirement.

Who does this process works?

Advanced oxidation water treatment is often utilized as a pre-treatment process that combines with biological treatments. This process is used as treatment step for removing the micro-pollutants from municipal wastewater and disinfects the water in the plant. Wastewater is delivered to the treatment plant from the storage tank. This unit is run for few minutes at various gas delivery rates with different ozone for each step of treatment.

Level of water scarcity can ultimately be reduced with high-tech water treatment plants

Genesis Water Technologies has designed and manufactured highly efficient water treatment plants that have taken a great part in reducing the level of water scarcity in different areas, i.e. industrial and urban. The water treatment plants are customized as per the requirements of the water quality and the areas of installation. GWT guarantees on its manufactured water treatment plants to fulfil the growing demands of potable water across the world.


Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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