Parry Building Products to invest in Zimbabwe

Parry Building Products
Parry Building Products

A UK construction firm is currently looking to set up shop in Zimbabwe. Parry Building Products believes that the country is a good investment destination.

The company is also seeking to engage the government for possible partnerships in the implementation of projects with a purpose of assisting Zimbabwe attain their Sustainable Development Goals.

The main focus of this venture is the manufacture as well as marketing of technologies with a view to enhance the production efficiency.

The firm’s managing director Mr. Oliver Glendinning said that the company supplies manual machines for the construction of single and multi-story structures through the utilization of skilled labor, cost-saving production methods as well as affordable mobile machinery that operates without fuel or electricity.

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The company’s regional agent in South Africa Ms. Sitha Nkomo said that once the company is established in the country they will engage the government in the implementation of various projects. This, she says, will come in handy towards the development of the country.

The project, which is dubbed Oasis is projected to create job opportunities for Zimbabweans.

According to Ms. Nkomo, Project Oasis will provide a solution as far as inititing, nurturing, developing and delivering a program of change is concerned while releasing disadvantaged and displaced communities.

The company is set to provide a variety of precast concrete moulds for lightweight concrete structures utilizing cost-saving construction techniques for affordable housing, storage equipment and decorative products which will be inclusive of building designs.

The company will all the while be utilizing eco-friendly material.

Parry Building products limited is a construction and engineering company that makes affordable quality construction equipment.

Currently, the company is trading with 20 countries across Africa, with Zimbabwe being the latest venture. The firm’s main focus is ensuring construction firms save on construction costs with regards to their products.