Register with Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA)

The Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA) is a voluntary association of members that exist with the aim of promoting the concept of landscape architecture as an important aspect of South Africa’s built‐environment sector and economy.

It incorporates and replaces the Institute of Landscape Architects of South Africa (ILASA) which was re‐established in 1998, as well as the previous national Institute of Landscape Architects of South Africa (ILASA), founded in 1962. This voluntary association (VA) is set up in accordance with the requirements set by the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Professions (SACLAP) for official recognition as a VA.


Landscape Architects undertake studies such as Environmental Impact Assessments, visual impact assessments and surveys of environmental aspects such as vegetation, topography, soils, climate, views, circulation patterns, existing structures, services and cultural landscapes. These assessments assist in the planning process to determine the feasibility of the site for certain activities.

Landscape Architects undertake planning on a large scale, for example residential and commercial estates, open space systems, sport facilities, golf courses, beach and recreational facilities, tourist developments, urban design projects, general land use planning and community parks and open space systems in previously disadvantage areas.

ILASA offers individual membership in line with the categories prescribed in its constitution. However, ILASA also offers corporate sponsorship opportunities and companies who become sponsors of ILASA automatically qualify for a certain number of individual memberships for their staff.


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