5 construction must-have apps

construction apps

In this new technology age, construction is not left behind as it involves making work easier. There’s a spread of construction apps that are designed to not only lighten the work load, but also enable one to work remotely.


Aconex offers project collaboration computer code for construction professionals. This permits all members of a project work along on project drawings remotely. The app additionally works offline; staff are able to go through saved documents.

ExakTime Mobile

Instead of the standard punching in/out, ExakTime permits construction staff to register their attendance from their mobile devices. This  helps keep everybody on their toes.

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ForceEffect performs all relevant engineering calculations to permit for a fast assessment of style ideas. This comes in handy especially when showing the client what to expect. On the other hand, a non-mathematical background image is also an option on the background.

HCSS Mobile

The HCSS app brings practicality to the company’s computer code. This info intergrates every aspect of the scope of work. It also allows remote access of the same. Moreover, in cases where there is no internet the application is able to synchronize the data once a internet is established.

Holcim weatherAPP

Holcim’s weatherAPP is unique in that, rather than general weather prediction, the app provides info in regard to construction materials. The prediction is formed on basis of the power to work with different construction materials. This is more so in the case of materials like concrete. In such a case, therefore, the app has forecasts for humidity, concrete temperature and evaporation rate. It also calculates the probability that plastic shrinkage cracking can occur.


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