BEC picked to design solar storage solution for Totota

Bandera Electric Cooperative was selected to design and procure a solar and energy storage solution for Totota, Liberia. The selection was done by NRECA(National Rural Electric Cooperative).

Totota is a rural community with a population of approximately 6400. It is also  home to workshops, government offices, clinics, mosques, restaurants, stores, schools and churches.

Most households rely on dry cell batteries, candles and lanterns despite the town’s status as a regional trading center.  Even so a  small number  of the residents purchase electric service from people who own small generators.

BEC Solar

In addition a subsidiary of Bandera Electric Cooperative, BEC Solar designed and procured a stand-alone energy solution. The device will provide power to about 400 houses and businesses in Totota.

It includes a Lithium-ion battery storage solution capable of providing kWh of energy, 220 solar panels and also a back up diesel Generator. A  local electric cooperative will own the power system.

Miguel Rivera is the  Renewable Energy Program Manager for BEC Solar. He says that Totota lacks the infrastructure and resources. He also says  it needs to sustain a reliable and effective power generation system.

Beyond The Grid projects

Implementing several Beyond The Grid projects in rural Liberia is ongoing. The NRECA is handling the project  for the US.  The US Agency is the USAID.

BTG is part of the US Government’s Power Africa initiative, with the goal to spur stability and economic development by delivering reliable, predominantly renewable electricity to Liberia’s rural towns.

The goal of the US  Government’s Power Africa initiative is to spur stability and economic development . This will be happen by delivering reliable renewable electricity to Liberia’s rural towns.  Beyond The Grid (BTG) is part of the US Government’s Power Africa initiative.

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Mr. Dan Waddle is the  NRECA international Senior Vice President.  According to him, the team at Bandera Electric Cooperative understands the challenges they are facing . That is the challenge in providing reliable electricity access to remote areas in Liberia.

He says that having an American electric cooperative helps them to provide  a reliable and affordable energy solution to another Cooperative in Liberia.


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