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Komatsu launches PC210LCi-11 semi-auto excavator

The PC210LCi-10 debuted as Komatsu’s first excavator to feature machine control integrated from the factory. This was back in 2014. In addition to updating its fleet of new dozers, Komatsu has added two new excavators to the fleet.

This also sports the company’s intelligent machine control which comes with a radio-controlled model. The benefits are huge. In the fully automatic mode, it maintains the excavation levels as required. GPS controls guide the machine’s movements, making refilling unnecessary as the bucket and hydraulics work to precision.

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Efficiency and Accuracy

According to Komatsu the PC210LCi-can provide up to a 63% improvement in excavating efficiency. The process also eliminates the need and expense of using grade checkers or doing finish dozing. Operators are able to get a perfectly sloped, flat bottom trench at an exact depth. This goes even without putting a man with a survey pole in the trench. This feature helps save on survey costs. Furthermore, inexperienced operators can as well do the kind of work that used to take a highly skilled craftsman.

All the machine control functions are located on the joysticks for comfort and convenience.  On the other hand, the “indicate” mode enables the operator manually guide the bucket to targets on the screen. Just as easily, the “fully automatic” mode sees hydraulic system take over the positioning of the bucket to prevent over-digging.

To help contractors new to the technology figure it all out, Komatsu is employing a new breed of product support specialists. These TSEs can help with 3D modeling, jobsite setup, operator training and remote support and troubleshooting.


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