Phanes Group launches solar power incubator in Africa

Phanes Group  a Dubai based solar provider  has launched its first solar power incubator programme. According to the company, the development aims at partnering with African developers. This is by identifying potential PV projects in Sub-Saharan Africa by providing access to funding. And also commercial and technical knowledge.

The initiative will be in partnership with Solarplaza, RINA Consulting, responsAbility, Proparco and Hogan Lovells.

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Invitations to PV developers

Phanes Group extended invitations to PV developers to submit proposals for Corporate Social Responsibility projects based in sub-Saharan Africa. This is  to further develop other initiatives in the solar power sector.

Mr. Martin Haupts  is the Chief Executive Officer.  According to him their core strategy is to collaborate with Africa-focused counterparties. That is, local project owners, governments and developers on projects that are tailored towards sustainable future for urban and rural communities.

The organization believes that the Incubator in collaboration with their partners will help untapped local PV potentials. This will create more opportunities for local projects, coupled with their strengths in developing bankable solutions for clean, affordable energy  and efforts in CSR. The initiative will also address local needs.

Mr. Christopher Cross of law firm Hogan Lovells will be part of the evaluation panel at the event.  He says that they are happy  to get the invitation to take part in the initiative.  He also states that the Incubator will promote local innovation and investments. This will bring potential opportunities to reality for social and economic benefit of the region and its people.

After announcing the winning project(s) at the “Unlocking Solar Capital Africa” event, Phanes Group will invite the developers to join them  for an intensive 4-day workshop at its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. This will help lay the foundations for delivering a bankable and sustainable project, the Group said.

The deadline for submission  of projects for evaluation and short listing ends on October 1,2017. The final selection will take place during the ‘Unlocking Solar Capital Africa’ conference. The event will take place  in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, between October 25th and 26th, 2017. The winner will be announced during this event.