Registering with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Swaziland

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Swaziland was established to regulate and promote the construction  industry. It meets the national construction demands while providing strategic leadership to industry stakeholders. CIC started operations in September  2014.

The CIC registers contractors, categorizes the contractors according to financial and works capability and it also keeps and publishes contractors’ grades. Public sector clients are to consult the Register of Contractors and further demand  the Certificate of Registration. This is required when considering construction works tenders. The register of contractors facilitates public sector procurement and provides  a platform for contractor development.

Objectives of the Council include:
  • Determine and establish best practice that promotes
  • Improved industry performance, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved public and private sector delivery management
  • Promote the construction industry in meeting national construction demand
  • Improved industrial sustainability
Their National social and Economic objectives include:
  • Improved labour relations
  • Positive safety, health and environmental outcomes
  • Human resources development in the construction industry
  • Promote uniform application of policy with regard to the construction industry throughout all spheres of the industry including Government, parastatals and the private sector.
  • Promote best practice through the development and implementation of appropriate programmes and measures aimed at best practice and improved performance of public and private sector clients, labour absorption in the construction industry
  • Implement policy on construction industry development
  • contractors and other participants in the construction delivery process.
  • Growth of the emerging enterprise
  • Promote, establish or endorse uniform and ethical standards that regulates the actions, practices and procedures of parties engaged in construction contracts.
  • Promoting  the appropriate search on any matter related to the construction industry and its development.
  • Facilitate the attachment on internship bases of persons who have completed training in construction or activities related to construction.

Downloading of the forms can be done on their site:


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