Top 10 Africa’s most expensive buildings


Some cities in Africa house expensive buildings. These buildings look innovative both on the exterior and the interior. Here is a brief overview of the top 10 most expensive buildings in Africa.

88 on Field – US $40 Million

This 25-story skyscraper is found in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Built in 1985, the building also stands 147 meters tall.

Hilton Taba Resort & Nelson Village – US $41 Million

The Hilton Taba Resort and Nelson Village is located on the shores of Red Sea. The resort also has a private beach. Built in the late 1980s, the Israeli government bought it for $41 million and handed it over to the Egyptians for free in 1989.


Maison des Députés, Yamoussoukro – US $50 Million

The 7-story low-rise building Maison des Deputes is located on Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast. Around the pink pyramid building are acres of gardens as well as swimming pools.

Hilton Durban – US $61 Million

Hilton Durban stands near the international convention centre in Durban, South Africa. This expensive building has further established itself as a landmark in the city.

Hilton Durban

Michelangelo Towers – US $64 Million

The towers stand 146m above ground in Sandton South Africa. The towers took approximately 2 years to reach completion. It is also ranks third among the tallest buildings in South Africa.

The Pearls of Umhlanga –US $138 Million

Located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the Pearls of Umhlanga is a 31-floor Dubai-style luxury residential and retail project. Additionally, the first of three phases to this project sold out in six weeks. This drew in an investment of almost $34 million.

Pearls of Umhlanga

Portside Tower – US $138 Million

The Portside Tower is the tallest building in Cape Town. The tower is probably one of the first of its kind to have the least amount of energy consumption. It is also the first large building in the country to use almost exclusively LED lighting.

Corinthia Hotel Tripoli – US $152 Million

Based in Tripoli, Libya, the Corinthia Hotel Tripoli stands at the center of the city. The Maltese Corinthia Hotels International run the hotel.

Corinthia Hotel Tripoli

AU Conference Center and Office Complex – US $200 Million

Located in Addis Ababa, this building is the headquarters of the African Union. The main building is 99.9 meters tall. It is also the tallest building in Addis Ababa.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina – US $220 Million

Bibliotheca Alexandria is a major library and cultural centre. The massive library’s design resembles a great sundial. The library also has shelf space for 8 million books.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina