Top 5 Hydroelectricity projects in the world


Hydroelectricity is one of the commonly used  forms of renewable energy. It is also responsible for over 16% of electricity production in the world. Moreover, there is an annual increase in production of 3.1%. China is the current global leader in hydroelectricity production.

Robert-Bourassa Dam

Robert-Bourassa- La Grande, Canada

This plant is part of Quebec’s James Bay Project. The plant holds a generating capacity of 5,616 MW. Named after Premier of Quebec Robert Bourassa, Le Grande  was completed in 1981.

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Krasnoyarsk Dam

Krasnoyarsk- Yenisei River, Russia

This dam originally came online in 1972 and has been operating ever since. It’s located in Southern Russia. Yenisei river holds a generating capacity of 6,000 MW.

The Longtan Dam

Longtan Dam- Hongshui River, China

The Longtan Dam is the tallest of its type in the world and has a capacity of 6,426 MW. Furthermore, it began work 10 years ago.

Grand Coulee- Columbia River, United States

Washington State’s Grand Coulee dam is probably the oldest on here. It’s been around since 1933 and remains one of the biggest in the world. In addition, it has a generating capacity of 6,809 MW and is currently undergoing major overhaul.

Xiangjiaba HEP

Xiangjiaba- Jinsha River, China

This dam operates on one of the rivers leading to the Yangtze River and has a generating capacity of 6,400 MW. This dam is also very new, beginning operations in 2012.

Tucuruí- Tocantins River, Brazil

This dam was the first large-scale hydro power project in the Amazon rain forest. Opened in 1984, the river also boasts of  a generating capacity of 8,370 MW.