7 safety measures to maintain when siding your house

7 safety measures to maintain when siding your house

In any construction project one is involved in be it building a house or just hammering back a nail to its position, Due to the nature of construction work, it’s impossible to eliminate all safety risks. However, there are proactive measures that can be taken when you are siding your house.

1.Always read instructions

Whenever you purchase exterior building products, always carefully read the manufacturer’s assembly and installation instructions.  While this task isn’t always the most exciting, improper installation can lead to the product failing, the warranty voided and potential injury to the installer or homeowner.

2.Be within your skill set

If you’re installing the siding on your own, make sure it is within your skill set, requires no special tools, and creates no harmful dust when cut.

3.Allow room for expansion

Vinyl siding expands and contracts with temperature changes, therefore it is important to allow extra room for expansion in order to prevent the siding from buckling. Leave an extra 1⁄4 inch (0.6 cm) gap between siding panels and any accessories. You can also hang instead of nailing the siding to your house by setting your nails about 1/8″ to 1/16″ away from the wall. This will allow movement when it expands or contracts which is safer and convenient.

4.Don’t drive nails too tightly                

You should also refrain from driving the nails too tightly, restricting the movement of the panels. You should leave about 1⁄16 inch (0.2 cm) between the nail head and the siding, to allow for movement and prevent waves from forming in the panels.

5.Never face the nail

In addition, you need to center each nail in the appropriate slot, making sure to drive the nails in straight rather than crooked. You should never face nail, drive nails through the panels, when installing siding, as this may cause the panels to buckle.

6.Add air flow

Your grill will be your siding’s worst enemy. The heat it generates may damage your siding and you will have to replace it. Keep the barbecue as far from your siding as possible. However one can avoid such cases by adding an air flow during siding that let heat escape and keep an even temperature. Vent out your attic by installing perforated soffits with gable vents. Another added bonus would be to get ridge vents that will add airflow through the attic space.

7.Have the Right Tools On Hand

Having the right tools for siding is important. For instant when dealing with height during siding hanging it from one ladder is extremely difficult as you are dealing with very flimsy pieces. You need at least two ladders and a trusted friend, and if you can get a scaffolding system, that would work even better.




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