Future of epoxy flooring in Africa

Vernon Botha,Managing Director Verni-Speciality Construction Products

Exclusive interview with Vernon Botha, Managing Director of Verni-Speciality Construction Products (Pty) Ltd on the future of epoxy flooring in Africa. Verni’s head-office is situated in Jet Park, Gauteng and a branch office in the DRC; servicing the whole of South Africa and the entire African continent.

Verni-Speciality Construction Products (Pty) Ltd is an independent player in:

• Concrete Repair & Structural Reinforcing / Strengthening – (Repair Mortars, Carbon Fibre Wrapping & Reinforcing & Specialist Coatings; Concrete Crack Injection, Slab Lifting, Soil Stabilization)
• Concrete Protection – (Acid Proofing / Corrosion Protection, Acid Tile / Brick Lining, Resin Screeds)
• Performance Flooring – (Commercial & Industrial Epoxy / Polyurethane Resin Floor Coatings & Screeds)
• Tank Linings – (Epoxy Novolac FRP Reinforced Linings)

How does Verni see the African epoxy flooring market?

Based on the current weak economy, clients are holding back on expenditure and only repairing floors where absolutely necessary. Expansion within the entire industry is being held back due to political uncertainty. Furthermore due to the recession, many companies in the industry have retrenched staff, those staff have formed their own small sub-contractor businesses. We are proud to be the only material manufacture and applicator of our own systems in this industry, thus offering our clients a single line guarantee with no split responsibilities between material supplier and sub-contractor, as well as no double mark ups.

Why should Africa embrace epoxy flooring as an ideal flooring solution?

The term epoxy is a household name for resin floors. Other resin flooring systems may be better suited to the African environment, such as Polyurethane flooring systems, which have over the years gained a large market share as the systems have higher chemical resistance, higher thermal shock resistance, higher UV resistance, fast applications, more impact resistance and no sealer coats that could wear off.

What are the challenges in the African market in terms installation and maintenance?

The challenges are logistical, namely material and equipment freight and the cost of returning equipment is very expensive. As we are both a material manufacturer and specialist applicators, there are limited challenges in applying our systems anywhere in the African continent.

What do you think can be done to overcome these challenges?

Ideally clients could provide suitable equipment, or in previous instances our clients have purchased the equipment so that it does not need to be returned to South Africa.

How is the future looking for epoxy flooring in Africa?

As the economy improves, so will new developments and expansions will take place.


  1. My son was talking about how he would like to get a resin decorated concrete floor installed in his garage. I was curious as to what the benefits of getting an epoxy flooring would be. Your information that epoxy coating allows for higher thermal shock resistance, fast application, and high impact resistance was fascinating. With this, I would almost like to find an epoxy supplier so that I can benefit from this flooring.


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