Tanzania to construct a major bus terminal in Dodoma

Tanzania to construct a major bus terminal in Dodoma

Dodoma City Council is set to sign a contract to commence the construction of its major bus terminal at Nzuguni area within Dodoma.

Mr. Godwin Kunambi ,the council’s director, said the 87 sq km terminal will link the city market and its shopping mall, a move he termed as vital.Upon completion, the terminal will accommodate 270 buses, 600 station wagon cars, and 300 rickshaws.

The terminal, which will be one of the largest in the country, will seat on a 50- acre plot at Nzuguni suburb about 7 km from the city centre on the Dodoma- Dar es Salaam highway.Commuter buses will be temporarily relocated from downtown to Nanenane, just few miles from the planned new bus terminal.

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Improve service delivery

Mr. Kunambi said authorities in Dodoma were determined to improve conditions in the city with emphasis being on service delivery as well as the provision of water and electricity.

“We have an excess of 20MW in electricity and the Dodoma Urban and Water Supply Authority (DUWASA) can produce up to 61 million liters of water every day against the city’s demand of 48 million liters,” he said.

The director also laid out other plans for the city including the building of a large truck parking lot at Nala and the construction of a football and basketball grounds at the same area. The construction of the new terminal is expected to take at least 24 months.














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