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Derbigum Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

Derbigum is a fully South African owned company specialising in the local manufacture of reinforced waterproofing membranes. During the last thirty years of its existence a broad knowledge base has been established specifically with regards to South African climatic conditions. Derbigum and its staff have and will continue to play a pivotal role in the South African construction industry.

In order to ensure that high standards are upheld and that fully functional waterproofing systems are installed we only recommend that the Derbigum product is installed by Approved Derbigum Contractors.

They provide comprehensive specifications for the following uses for Derbigum Membranes:


Retaining Walls



Parking Decks


Expansion Joints

One of their products; Derbigum SP has a dual Reinforced Membrane Specified for Exposed Waterproofing.

The Derbigum SP (Special Polyester) range of products has been designed to meet the specific requirements for waterproofing in exposed situations. The product is manufactured in South Africa to suit the harsh African climate and conditions.

Fields of application

The Derbigum SP range has been designed and developed for waterproofing in situations such as:

Concrete Roofs

Timber Boarded Roofs

Wide Gutters

Parking Decks

Insulated Roofs


Excellent tensile strength and elasticity

Excellent weathering properties

Temperature stability

High impact and fatigue resistance.

Derbigum Special Polyester 4 mm Roofing is a high performance, UV stable, polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. This dual reinforced product comprises of a high strength polyester core and a top layer of reinforced glass tissue. Derbigum Special Polyester Roofing is compatible with most existing materials, and systems.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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