The innovative, effective, safe and environmentally friendly firefighting technology for Africa

The innovative, effective, safe and environmentally friendly firefighting technology for Africa
Rüdiger Kopp, FOGTEC General Manager - Fixed Systems

FOGTEC Service operates in many different areas. This starts with supervisings for installation, initial operations, maintenance, upgrading and fixing. The team consists of field staff and a back-office and takes care of their international distributors as well as end customers.

The company cooperates closely with qualified local Partners all over the world. Also their own specialists are available to support locally. FOGTEC technicians are trained for their special operational areas like industrial plants, buildings, railways or tunnels and are on duty with well equipped service vehicles.

Their service team stands by constantly. Regarding to the customer-requirements there can be arranged a call-on duty and individual response times. Rüdiger Kopp, FOGTEC General Manager – Fixed Systems, talks about the new and environmentally friendly firefighting technology for Africa on an exclusive interview with Construction Review Magazine.

What are the new technologies with regards to fire safety equipment in Africa?

FOGTEC Fire Protection, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of water mist fire protection systems with more than 20 years of experience. The wide range of customized fire-fighting equipment is used for many different fixed and mobile applications to protect buildings, industrial sites, trains and underground facilities. FOGTEC has more than 45 licensed partners who service customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. The FOGTEC service portfolio includes full service solutions, from consultancy work, the supply of components and complete systems up to installation and maintenance of water mist fire protection systems. FOGTEC high pressure water mist firefighting systems operate at pressures of around 100 bar. Pure water is discharged through specially designed nozzles to create a fine water mist with average droplet sizes smaller than 100 microns. In comparison to other conventional water based firefighting systems, like sprinklers, this significantly increases the cooling effect and reduces the required water amount to around 10% of conventional sprinklers. FOGTEC systems are protecting thousands of fire risk in buildings and different industries all over the globe. In Africa water mist technology has be utilized in South Africa for mining and automotive applications, like conveyor belts, paint booths and engine testing facilities. In Egypt water mist technology protects heritage buildings, libraries and museums and is just being installed into major road tunnels.

2. How have they been received in Africa?

In Africa water mist technology has been introduced since about 10 years into the mining and automotive industry in South Africa, into the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and for the protection of high value buildings, like museums, libraries and heritage buildings in Egypt. In other parts of Africa the knowledge about this technology still is in an early stage. FOGTEC is of course interested to increase the awareness of this innovative, effective, safe and environmentally friendly technology throughout Africa.

3. What are the factors to consider when selecting fire safety  equipment for a commercial building?

There are many factors to take into account when selecting the most appropriate firefighting technology for a commercial building. Conventional sprinkler systems are a very common means to protect such buildings. However, they utilize large quantities of water which can cause extensive collateral damages and also requires large spaces for water storage tanks, pump equipment and installation space for the pipework towards the nozzles. These are areas where water mist technology offers benefits and is favored particularly for water sensitive applications and in retrofit situations into buildings.



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