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The construction industry in Uganda contributes over 12% of Uganda’s gross domestic product (GDP) and has witnessed steady growth for the last 20 years and despite the recent upsurge in inflation, the sector has remained on a steady path of growth and development. The comprehensive lists of building construction companies in the country include global players who are renowned all over for their premium quality of infrastructure.

The top construction companies that are the core of the construction industry in country are as follows;

1.SBI International Holdings (UG)

SBI (Uganda) is valued not only for its know-how, efficiency and stability, but also for an organizational methodology that places a high priority on consistent operations and commitment, regardless of external changes or upheavals and has led to the Parent Company (Shikun&Binui) – SBI Infrastructure Ltd, Airport City, Israel to be ranked among the top 250 international contractors in the world.

In 2000, SBI registered its branch in Uganda as part of the group’s expanding of operations and its capabilities to diversify its capabilities and expertise to developing countries. Since then, the branch has developed an impressive track record in Uganda as one of the largest and stable construction companies with an annual turnover of US $1573bn.

The company has uncompromising dedication to quality and achieves consistently results in and timely completion of projects which are well engineered and safely constructed. SBI (Uganda) also recognizes the importance of women in Society, promoting equality for social and economic opportunities and therefore take extra effort to employ more women in the company.

SBI (Uganda)’s activities span all areas of civil engineering, development and construction including, industrial, commercial institutional and residential building construction. Up to date the branch has executed and delivered a total of approximately 920 kms of roads. New projects currently being worked on by the company are Kikagati Hydro power Project 18 MW and development of new Kabaale International Airport in Hoima Western Uganda.

2. Roko Construction Limited

Commonly referred to as ROKO,it is a civil engineering and construction company in Uganda founded in 1969  and is today, one of Uganda’s leading Construction and Civil Engineering Groups. The late Max Rohrer and Rainer Kohler, with 50 years combined experience in Africa, made a commitment to assist in Uganda’s prosperity and development when they founded ROKO.

Together with technical and commercial directors and over 40 qualified civil and site engineers, Rohrer and Kohler have led ROKO to the forefront of the construction industry to emerge as the principal contractor in Uganda, and by 2001, the company extended its operations to Tanzania, Rwanda, Eastern Congo and South Sudan.

ROKO’s main headquarters and extensive operational base, is situated in Kawempe, Kampala District. The company sources and directs its projects throughout Uganda. Materials used, are produced locally and from the Preferential Trade Area wherever possible, and imports are facilitated by ROKO’s association with the SAI Trading Company in Europe.

Roko Construction Limited has taken part in a number of projects including winning a tender to design, develop, construct and manage JLOS House Project, an 80,000 square metres (861,113 sq ft) government office development in Kampala, Uganda in 2016.

Other completed projects include Mapeera House, the headquarters of Centenary Bank, on Kampala Road, in Kampala, the capital and largest city in the country and construction of DFCU House, the headquarters of DFCU Bank.

ROKO Construction Limited had groomed into a self-sufficient company in the majority of construction disciplines and provides employment for an average of 1800 people.

3.Krishna Construction Ltd

Krishna Construction Ltd was founded in 1999 as a construction company and since then has successfully defined its objectives and positioned itself as one of the leading organizations in the construction industry.

Today, Krishna Company has well equipped autonomous office at strategic location to effectively and efficiently serve its customers spread across the nation. With strong workspace of professionally qualified construction managers, engineers and supervisors backed up with latest construction equipment andtechnologically advanced work environment, the company offers most customized services to meet the evolving needs of individual customers. The company’s annual turnover is US $4m

4.Raghwani Construction

Raghwani Construction was jointly founded in 1982 by MavjiJeshani and Harji Raghwani and later incorporated in the year 1989 chaired by Harji Raghwani. The company started on a small scale but over the years has grown, evolved, diversified and emerged as one of the leading contractors in providing a wide range of services recognized and based on quality.

Raghwani Construction Company Ltd which has undertaken mainstream of building and civil engineering projects in Uganda has earned a reputation for quality workmanship and its delivery on time clearly. Some of the projects involved include; construction and rehabilitation of Port Bell in Kampala, construction of  Mukwano Industries and soap factory, Refurbishment of Gapco Properties & fuel stations among others.

Raghwani Construction is also co-existent in Kenya under the corporate names of Structural Construction. They both seek to develop construction operation and logistical capabilities through strong local presence.

5.Seyani Brothers & Co. (U) Ltd

Seyani Brothers & Company (Uganda) Limited (SBC) is a leading general building construction company domiciled in Uganda. With the amassed expertise, speed and quality controls, SBC is able to complete projects within time without compromising on quality.

The company’s history dates back to 1978 when two enterprising brothers saw opportunity in the construction industry and chose to embark on executing renovations works and subcontract projects under established contractors.

Since its incorporation over 15 years ago in Uganda, the company has enjoyed a rich journey of excellence on its way to being recognized as one of the leading civil engineering and building construction companies in the East Africa region.

The company’s growth has not only been marked by profitability but also by the extension of fabrication departments, as well as capacity development through acquisition of new plant and equipment. The opening of structural steel fabrication workshop, stone cutting section, joinery and carpentry workshop, have allowed SBC to execute projects fully in-house thus enhancing quality and speed controls

The excellent workmanship that the company exhibited in its early stages led to great demand for its services and earned it prerequisite experience, resulting in its decision to bid for main contracts. Today SBC is, undoubtedly, a leader in general building construction.



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