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PMSA launches ultra-3000 machinery products

The Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA) has launched the ultra-3000 machinery products in Johannesburg, South Africa.

According to Quintin Booysen, PMSA marketing and sales manager, the products will add significant value to the market for it will enable bricks and blocks manufacturers to produce end products at a much quicker rate and producing variety of products.

“The product is a unique offering to the market; there is no machine of this specialty size produced in hemisphere, or for that matter for that matter.” said Booysen.

The Ultra-3000

The Ultra-3000 is engineered to meet high-volume manufacturers’ requirements for brick, block and paving products, and enables operators to rapidly change setups and machine parameters to produce multiple different products that will meet client requirements.

The product will enable PMSA to provide support from its local manufacturing industry in Boksburg, Johannesburg, and maintain a competitive advantage over imported machinery. PMSA plans to export the machine to neighbouring countries in Africa, and to South America, Europe and Asia.

It weighs 30 t and is centered on four large 120-mm-diameter chrome shafts to prevent back-to-front or side-to-side movement. The heavyweight, rigid frame of the machine is designed to fully absorb shock and vibration without allowing for movement to transfer to the operational components of the machine. Not only does this ensure higher- quality products but also reduces wear and tear, which is beneficial in terms of longevity of the equipment.

PMSA launches ultra-3000 machinery productsPotential buyers

The SA Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC) provided the company with an opportunity to share ideas with other companies, and issues that other South African exporters experience. “This is invaluable because you cannot get this information anywhere else, only through the experience of engaging in exporting.” States Booysen

Despite the market being in a tough situation in construction, it has received four potential buyers who are consolidating and expanding their operations therefore having a scope in the products. One of the problems highlighted by Booysen was land reform in the capital equipment market. He indicates that, if land is used properly, there will be construction and new infrastructure project, but emphasizes that government needs to tackle this issue very carefully, with a long-term view.

PMSA is hopeful that it will stimulate the economy and create more businesses for the company’s product in South Africa with new government  project expected to come on line next year. The products will reduce wear and tear, which is beneficial in terms of longevity of the equipment and will also ensure high quality of the product.


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