Toro Equipment installs new solid scraping system

Toro Equipment installs new solid scraping system

Toro Equipment  has installed a new solid scraping system in Rotary Screens Defender® TR 63 and in High Performance range HPS-M

The system developed by Toro Equipment will be implemented in all Rotary Screen range to optimize pre treatment process

From the experience and study in pre treatment equipment, Toro Equipment has developed a new adjustment system to solid scraping in Defender® Self-cleaning Rotary Screens. With this improvement, the scraper clean process turns into a simple and fast operation to make easier the daily work. The innovative system has been applying in Defender® Rotary Screen TR 40 range and in High Performance Rotary Screen HPS-S range, currently this new upgrade will be included in TR 63 and HPS-M range.

With this system, the scraping of filter drum is auto-regulated with solids remaining. In this way, the scraper retracts, solids are removed and the mechanism returns to its original position. The scraper also can be retracted manually with the ergonomic rod in GFRP to facilitate the cleaning of the specific zone where solid is stuck on.

Importance of pre treatment

Pre treatment, which is the first stage of water treatment process, protects all the following equipment from potential incidents. Specifically/Particularly, the screening defends the equipment (pumping  systems, blowers) and increases their durability and effectiveness. This process, relatively cheap in comparison with subsequent others, improves and protects all the treatment system and reduce part of pollution and COD in waste water.

Advantages of an appropriate screening

Increase equipment durability

Improve energy efficiency of following treatments

Low maintenance cost

Better effectiveness of the equipment and less issues

Low cost in relation to more sophisticated equipment

Can be done in small places

Not requiring workmanship

Self-cleaning filter drum

More information about Defender® Rotary Screen TR and HPS here

You also can download the complete catalogue here



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