Construction Computer Software (CCS) providing leading edge software to the construction industry

Construction Computer Software (CCS) providing leading edge software to the construction industry

Construction Computer Software (CCS) popular product is their “CCS Complete Solution” which comprises of Candy and BuildSmart. Candy consists of integrated and highly scalable modules for estimating, planning, forecasting, cash flow, on site valuations and Earned Value Management.

The Candy estimating and project control solution

Seamless integration of analytical estimating and critical path planning generates estimate forecasts and cash flows, while the Valuations and Earned Value modules track and monitor progress and performance of the contract for the contractor. The Candy estimating and project control solution is an essential software application for the estimation, management and planning of all construction projects, from estimating through to tender award to final account.

At the office or on site, Candy helps streamline construction related processes, providing the accuracy of increased productivity required by construction professionals to improve margins, minimize risk and deliver on time.

The Candy
The Candy

BuidSmart is a web-based ERP construction accounting system, comprising of integrated procurement, accounting and payroll with a host of value added features catering for the specific needs of contracting companies, including real-time contract and activity costs from ledger transactions with dynamic reporting for detailed analysis of contract activity kpi’s.

BuildSmart has full operational functionality with real-time costing and reporting throughout the complete construction process and life cycle.

BuildSmart comprises of:

  • Complete procure to payment cycle from the updated resource allowable list from the estimate in Candy by contract activity including complete procurement reporting.
  • Payroll with labour costing.
  • Management and required statuary reporting.
  • Plant and equipment management maintenance with costs and reporting.
  • Stores, stock and yard stock management
  • Subcontract management costs and payments.

Construction Computer Software (CCS) providing leading edge software to the construction industryIn essence, CCS provides the complete construction enterprise solution through having adopted a “best-of-breed” approach by integrating the essential elements of budgetary or allowable control with operations management and cost accounting to provide contractors with real time, reliable accurate ledger and activity costs.

The comparative analysis of contract costs and resources by ledger with allowable enables accurate forecasting to completion which allows for effective downstream control of efficiencies, costs and contract finances.


Separately, Candy and BuildSmart are available from a myriad of suppliers, but what sets CCS apart is the inter-connectedness of these solutions…one company and solution for the construction and engineering industry.

Together they provide a complete solution, which is the most powerful tool in the construction industry today. CCS Complete Solution provides critical real-time management information for our clients to take timely management actions to control their project costs reducing risk and increasing profitability from mark-ups that are usually not guaranteed.

Using the right tool

Use the right tool for the right job! Accuracy, safety and efficiency of resources on a construction project is considered paramount to contractors and without using the right tools, equipment, systems and processes the quality, speed and safety will be compromised.

The purpose of IT is to streamline business processes, increase accuracy and efficiency, provide audit able and accurate information as and when is needed, reduce cumbersome and error ridden manual capture(s) and reporting, collation and analysis and most importantly saving you time and money.

IT is, in essence, just another tool but an essential one considering the widespread application thereof in all aspects of a construction business. Admittedly, software doesn’t make people work but rather vice versa and the clichéd “what you put in is what you get out” rings true. However, the software must be purpose orientated and provide the necessary platform, features, functions and ease of use to make input a formality and timely, reliable and accurate output a reality.

IT solutions are either earning or costing you money. The construction industry is unique considering the many variables associated with it and it is for this very reason that the IT solution(s) procured and implemented to manage these challenges is best of brand and fit for purpose. The standard accounting data that most systems can provide is not sufficient, relevant or timeous enough for effective control of construction projects.

Processes and procedures imposed by companies are often there to compensate for the inadequacies of the software solutions in place. The overhead involved in implementing and complying with these superfluous processes and procedures are costly. If the software is fit for purpose, the best practice processes and procedures should be intrinsic in the software itself.

Technology breakthroughs

CCS “never stands still” and continually extends and enhances its leading Candy and BuildSmart Solution and service offerings in line with, and often ahead of, industry, technological, User and country/territory specific requirements. All developments, additions, extensions and enhancements to the CCS Solutions are carefully considered and evaluated for their value add to the Solution, our Client or prospective Client base and the industry as a whole aligned with best and legislative/statutory practices.



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