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Directly buried thermal insulation seamless steel pipe

The polyurethane insulated seamless steel pipe we have learned is a high performance pipeline transportation and insulation material. It has ultra-high thermal insulation, waterproof and anti-corrosion, and safe long-term performance. In addition to the application of the polyurethane insulation layer, it also depends on the surface rust treatment. Usually done professional anti-rust treatment, then it is more waterproof and corrosion-resistant, how to do anti-rust treatment of polyurethane insulation pipe!

The key to the surface treatment of polyurethane insulation pipes is mechanical treatment, which includes two types of shot peening and shot blasting. The reason for the low water absorption rate is that the closed cell ratio of the polyurethane foam is as high as about 92%. The low thermal conductivity and low water absorption, together with the high-density polyethylene or FRP protective shell with good insulation and outer waterproof performance, have changed the condition of “wet cotton quilting” in the traditional trench laying heating pipeline, greatly reducing the heating pipeline. Three hundred and sixty degrees of heat loss, heat network heat loss is 2%, close to the international standard of 10%.

In order to prevent pipeline blockage, it is obviously important to clean regularly. Of course, the service life of rubber and plastic pipe products is relatively long. Therefore, in daily use, regular cleaning and dredging are required to avoid blockage, which leads to accidents, resulting in accidents. Work and life are affected accordingly, because pipelines are used for transporting special liquids or gases for a long time, and they are relatively polluting. Regular cleaning is naturally more important.

As the application field of seamless steel pipes has been expanding, the use of heat-insulating pipes has surpassed that of erw steel pipes, and the sales of polyurethane insulated steel pipes have also soared. This has led some unscrupulous traders in the market to use R&D, production and sales of poor quality steel pipe raw materials. After shoddy, to seek benefits, so that consumers’ rights and interests can not be guaranteed, the purchase of polyurethane insulation steel pipes must go to the formal manufacturers to implement on-site factory acceptance, product testing, etc., to ensure that their interests are not infringed. The raw materials necessary for the development and design of polyurethane insulation pipes can be steel pipes.

Considering the demand for energy-saving and environmental protection of polyurethane insulation pipes, the effect of moisture-proof and waterproof performance is constantly improving. This is quite important for new insulation materials. This is an important key point for polyurethane insulation pipes. At the same time, regarding the additional insulation materials, pay attention to the changes in the insulation materials industry, and ensure the quality and coordination of the products, in order to obtain better benefits.

The corrosion resistance performance of polyurethane insulation pipes is known. Even the rubber pipe products with relatively high resistance to erosion and pressure resistance and long-term use will not cause the pipeline due to the accumulation of garbage or pollutants. Not blocked inside. So at this moment, it needs to be cleaned up quickly. Obviously, how to realize the cleaning work inside the rubber and plastic pipe has won the attention of many people.


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