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EEC Global Operation LLC (EEC)

EEC Global Operation LLC (EEC) is the inventor and global manufacturer of Biological Wastewater Systems known as “Moving Bed Bio Reactors” (MBBR) with more than 1000 systems installed and serviced on a global scale. The MBBR technology was developed by EEC in Norway 1976 and brought to the USA 1984.

The technology was totally new and offered many superb advantages compared to regular systems at that time, some of the advantages is; very compact systems, extremely stabile/robust operation, does not required any dedicated operator, no chemical usage, no filters to replace and self-cleaning AMB Bio Media (MBBR by EEC) with 20 years warranty.

Offering these unique advantages with our MBBR systems leading into large contracts with the US Military with more than 40 systems delivered based on 10 repeat contracts over a period of 15 years, we also serve UNICEF and NATO with our MBBR systems. With these references and history to show for, we have again been invited by the US Army to participate with a new inquiry for a very special MBBR system that must meet extremely stringent conditions like: The systems must fit into a Tricon Container so to fit onto US Army Trucks so space requirements are very limited and demands for system capacity and operational requirements are very high. Capacity per day shall be approx. 2000 gpd the more then better, we expect the EEC system to be capable of 4000 gpd offering new advanced media with more than 4000 m2/m3 where 500 to 1000 m2/m3 is the norm.

The systems must operate under extreme conditions like Cold Weather, High Altitude, Quick Startup, and process consistent effluent results. Complete sludge handling systems, all fully automatic. EEC will also offer these systems on a global scale i.e., not only to the Military as we think these systems will have a broad interest into the Global Camp Marked like Refugees and Oil Camps and many Rural projects.

The EEC Biodegradation and sedimentation technology is unique due to its compactness and performance in respect to volumetric efficiency. These technologies are combined in a pre-fabricated; skid mounted and standardized tank system with variable lengths, suitable for overseas transportation in standard ISO freight containers. The systems are fully automatic, ready to be operated, and no odor. Standard capacities from 40 to 400 m3 per day, or more if in series.

EEC Global Operations with our global team has developed some very innovative systems of package plants for wastewater in a compact and pre-fabricated format which are an excellent solution for the sewage treatment of small communities and municipalities (i.e. our range of product’s capacities starts from 40m3/day up to 400 m3/day) or much more if in series, while they can be a unique alternative to the wastewater treatment of industrial effluents.

EEC offers its clients a high standard of services on wastewater package plants and always strives to find the most optimum solution to their environmental concerns. These systems and our larger MBBR systems are excellent for many African projects where camps, parks, Hotels, Resorts, Shopping Malls, Housing Projects and many more applications.

EEC also deliver systems that offers much larger flows, we have systems operating in the millions of gallons per day or we have the world’s largest package plant in operation. Each systems can be designed to meet any capacity and effluent requirements. All systems are extremely reliable and does not require a dedicated operator, neither any usage of chemicals, filters, self-cleaning and comes complete with AMB Bio Media that comes with 20 years warranty.

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