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Rifeng Southern Africa launches FLOWPEX multi-layer pipe (MLP) into the plumbing industry

Rifeng Southern Africa has recently launched the FLOWPEX 15 and 22mm compression type multi-layer pipe (MLP) into the plumbing industry. This FLOWPEX multi-layer piping system offers a strong, lightweight and flexible option to plumbers and the DIY market.

“The range has been around for two years, with only the pipe previously having Joint Acceptance Scheme for Water Services Installation Products (JASWIC) and SANS 21003 accreditation. Rifeng has since obtained full JASWIC approvals on both our fittings and pipes, thus offering the DIY handyman, plumber and merchants a complete plumbing solution. The JASWIC accreditation is a requirement in the plumbing industry in order for a compliance certificate to be issued for the installation,” said Glenn Fisher, Rifeng National Sales Manager.”

The installation process is simple as the pipe is cut, reamed, fitted and locked.

“We have been supplying crimp systems for some time, so identified the need to have the DIY and maintenance multi- layer pipes, which use the common compression type fittings, which are simple to use and can easily be installed,” continued Fisher.

The Flowpex Multi-Layer pipe

The Flowpex Multi-Layer pipe (MLP) and compression fittings have been accredited by JASWIC for hot and cold-water  systems inside buildings up to 10 Bar.

With the availability of various imported pipes into the market, Rifeng products can be seen above the other pipes, which do not carry the necessary JASWIC certificates. The JASWIC approval gives the user and stockists peace of mind that they have bought a quality product from Rifeng.

All compression type MLP needs to use an insert when installing to ensure correct usage and that the system will seal and not fail. Rifeng Compression fittings have a built-in insert, thus eliminating the possible failure of installation should an insert not be used. The cost of the inserts plus the normal compression fitting, makes the Rifeng compression fitting price competitive, as no insert is required.


Our FLOWPEX  multi-layer pipes are available from all major retailers throughout Southern Africa

“For peace of mind, ask your local merchant for the JASWIC certified FLOWPEX MLP pipe and compression fittings they are simple to use, inexpensive and have no theft value,” concluded Fisher.


Apart from boasting the biggest sales and support network and being the largest manufacturer of PEX piping in the world, RIFENG products are the benchmark when it comes to quality, including the following advantages. RIFENG systems adhere to global standards, they carry SABS mark of approval, offer a lifetime of pipe 50-80 years with no corrosion, guaranteed working life of 20 years.

We offer a range of installation manuals at customer’s disposal as well as on-site expertise and training service. Rifeng has over 40 product approvals across the world. Our branches are sufficiently stocked to service all order requirements. RIFENG covers more than 80 countries worldwide and carry Afrox approval and Australian standard.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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