5 Steps of knowing the right construction security of payments lawyer

5 Steps of knowing the right construction security of payments lawyer

Embarking on a building project really is no joke. Especially if you’re a builder or a contractor. In NSW, a legislation called the Security of Payment Act ensures the right of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to get paid. This gives them the legal right to demand for payment.

Of course, these rights wouldn’t be enforced without the help of a Security of Payments expert. So how can you find the right Security of Payments lawyer? How would you know that you’ve found the one?

  1. When he/she commits him/herself to you

A good Security of Payments lawyer would vow to enforce your rights and ensure that you will get your rightful payment. He/she would be willing to do just anything to help you recover your debt. But most importantly, he/she would commit to get you through your legal situation.

2. When you feel secure and confident with him/her

It wouldn’t be hard for you to feel confident that you WILL recover your debt with the right Security of Payments lawyer. You’ll get to see progress with your case everyday. In other words, your lawyer will make you feel that it will never be a hopeless situation.

3.When he/she is passionate in dealing with your situation

Passion always brings out the best in any person who gives their all in their craft. If you can see passion beaming right through your lawyer, being able to resolve your situation wouldn’t be far from possible. Definitely, a passionate lawyer will make that as his/her goal.

4. When he/she is honest with your situation

Being honest, or should we call it transparent, with the whole situation always helps. You are able to deal with the reality of the whole situation and not just hear some sort of sugar coated idea that doesn’t even reflect what’s truly happening. In any situation (or relationships), it’s always better to keep it real.

5. When, after all the pitfalls experienced in your situation, he/she never gives up

That’s right. A good Security of Payments lawyer will do his/her best to resolve each pitfall until he/she reaches the ultimate goal – to recover that debt. The right lawyer wouldn’t think of leaving you hanging in the air. Moreover, quitting on your situation is an indication that they couldn’t do their job well.

Getting a construction lawyer to help you

The idea of getting out of a certain situation can be very tiring already. That’s why it is best to really have a companion to trust the situation with. A building and construction lawyer, who is an expert in the Security of Payments, is the best choice of help you can get in dealing with your case. You will be informed of everything you need to learn about the Act, especially its consequences to the principal or respondents. But of course, as a builder, it is most important that you become aware of your rights.




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